Nobody can stop us from learning
not even Covid 19...


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Keep Safe, Keep Healthy


Flexible learning is a way of learning where students are given freedom in how, what, when and where they learn. This will protect them from getting infected and will for sure keep them safe. 


Since Face to Face classes are discouraged during this time, through distant learning  or the so called Online or Modular approach , they will still be able to continue thier classes. It Keeps them safe and healthy and thier learning in the Engineering Program will not be hampered. 



Highlights of BSCpE Program

Event Name : 4th Regional Convention

Particpants : BSCpE Students in R12

Date: September 28-29,2018

Venue: Holy Trinity College(Host)


Good Holy!!!


This website has been created for the students in the Bachelor of Science in Compter Engineering Program.


Through this website , students will be able to know the past , present and future activites in the College of Engineering and Technollogy Education(CETE). 


I have posted some useful materials desgined for Flexible Learning during this Pandemic


Event Name : Project Exhibit 2019 

Particpants : 5th Year Students

Date: February 20-21,2019

Venue: Holy Trinity College