M-CEDD(Computer Engineering Drafting and Design)-33GQ-XX6G-3T5S2


Course Description:

This course focuses on the principles of layout of electrical, electronics, and logic drawings; stressing modern representation used for block diagrams, wiring/assembly, drawings, printed circuit board layouts, and etching.


Number of unit(s): 1 unit (Laboratory)


Prerequisite(s) : Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits


Course Outcome:

1. Block Diagrams and Flowcharts

2. Electrical, Electronic and Logic Components

3. Designation, Standards and Abbreviations

4. Hand-sketched Schematic Diagrams

5. Circuit Layout Simulation Tool

6. Wiring and Cabling Diagrams Electronic Packaging

7. PCB Design Process

8. PCB Design Issues

9. Etching


Course Outline:

1. Block Diagrams and Flowcharts                             Week 1

2. Electrical, Electronic and Logic Components        Week 1

3. Designation, Standards and Abbreviations           Week 2-3

4. Hand-sketched Schematic Diagrams                     Week 4

5. Circuit Layout Simulation Too                                 Week 5

6. PCB Design Process                                                   Week 6-7

7. PCB Design Issues                                                      Week 8-9

8. Etching                                                                         Week 10


Based on CMO 87,S.2017