PC-CAD(Computer Aided Drafting)-K8NB-B8GN-96CVZ


Course Description:

Concepts of computer-aided drafting (CAD); introduction to the CAD environment; terminologies; and the general operating procedures and techniques in entering and executing basic CAD commands.


Number of unit(s): 1 unit (Laboratory)


Prerequisite(s) : 2nd Year Standing


Course Outcome:

1. Demonstrate basic concepts of the AutoCAD software

2. Apply basic concepts to develop construction (drawing) and  techniques

3. Ability to manipulate drawings through editing and plotting techniques

4. Understand geometric construction

5. Produce template drawings

6. Produce 2D Orthographic Projections

7. Understand and demonstrate dimensioning concepts and techniques

8. Understand Section and Auxiliary Views

9. Become familiar with the use of Blocks, Design Center, and Tool Palettes

10.Become familiar with Solid Modeling concepts and techniques.


Course Outline:

1. New Normal Polices                                             Week 1

2. Introduction to CAD Software(Autcad 2018)    Week 1

3. Autocad Drawing                                                   Week 2-3

4. Snapping, Construction Elements                      Week 4

5. Dimensioning                                                         Week 5

6. Plotting, Inputting Images                                    Week 6-7

7. 3D and Navigating in 3D                                       Week 8-9

8. Rendering                                                                Week 10



Based on CMO 87,S.2017